1. olay:

    Beautiful Words

    Keep your mind clear, let your skin glow and your spirit will shine.

    Artist: Sam Caunce


  2. solsticeretouch:

    Nokia’s Visualization Of How Light Travels Down A Lens To Create An Image



  4. who knew a weekend could be so stressful…


  5. photojojo:

    How do you make athletic photography creative? The photographers at the Illume competition have figured it out. By combining multiple pictures of an athlete completing a run, they’ve created these incredible “sequential photographs.” 

    Sports Photos Display Tons of Action in a Single Frame

    Photos by Marco Jörger (top) and Jussi Grznar; via The Verge


  6. solsticeretouch:

    How A Louis Vuitton Shoe Is Made


  7. That super shitty feeling when you lose something really important.


  8. witchlingfumbles:



    So… am I the only one who saw the way not all the lightning was touching the ground and knew something was off about it?

    (Source: unicorn-meat-is-too-mainstream, via fotomerchant)


  9. solsticeretouch:

    A Movie For Every Creative Person Out There

    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a movie that inspires the creative person inside everyone. This trailer alone is so beautiful, that I feel you’ll love watching it. Take a look! It comes out in Christmas so it will be a while. In the mean time, you can check out the original.


  10. Beer Labels in Motion: Heady Topper


    Animated Gifs meet craft beer, including the excellent Heady Topper. Check out all the animated cans and bottles at beerlabelsinmotion:



    The best IPA in the world, Heady Topper by The Alchemist in Vermont!

    Credit goes to idrinkgoodbeer.com for the original can photo.

    (via cheesenotes)


  11. edmislove:

    Kill them with lasers 👽


    (via rated-e4-ecstasy)


  12. ianbrooks:

    World’s Finest by Abraham Cruz

    "Le Retour" assembles the only superteam you’ll ever need to play mind-expanding music in a spaceship skirting the edge of the galaxy.

    Artist: DeviantArt / Behance


  13. npr:

    We can only guess at why the F.B.I. wants to use this clip in its intelligence training classes. The Hollywood Reporter last week reported that IFC sketch comedy show “Portlandia” had been approached by the Bureau, asking for permissions, which were given.

    (h/t @MarketplaceAPM)

    lol. i love this show